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Todd Fizer

Assistant Director of Operations and Staff Development at Mylan Park

Todd Fizer is the Assistant Director of Operations and Staff Development and is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities and events at the Aquatics Center and track facilities. He works closely with the management team and staff setting and implementing policies and procedures, establishing safety standards, coordinating facility schedules, and communicating with the public and tenants. He ensures the personal and professional development of all staff by creating, facilitating, and tracking onboarding, required safety, lifeguard in-service, organization and facility specific trainings and qualifications. He is directly responsible for the tracking, scheduling, and completion of all facility state and county inspections. Recently retired, Todd spent 24 years as a United States Navy Rescue Swimmer and is a decorated veteran of 4 oversees deployments. During his time in the Navy, he served as the Assistant Operations Chief for SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team One, the Chief of Naval Operations Search and Rescue Model Manager responsible for all Navy rescue assets, and ran Water Survival Training for Officer Training Command Newport, Rhode Island. Upon leaving the Navy, Todd became the Aquatics Manger for the City of Roswell, New Mexico where he lead a team of 25 lifeguards and was responsible for establishing the Roswell Recreation and Aquatics Center as an American Red Cross Training facility and host of a USA Swimming club program. Originally from West Virginia, he is happy to be back in his home state and giving back to local community.
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