Recognized for excellence

CENTERS employees have been recognized both internally and externally for their experience, knowledge, work ethic, leadership and more.

Our people are driven by a passion for higher education and student engagement and a commitment to innovation that extend beyond the walls of the buildings we operate. With each new campus where we partner, we invest in the continued career-development of our professionals, so we are certain to become more impactful as the firm matures. The result is an incomparable list of achievements that showcases our respected presence within the industry and our engagement within the campus environment.


We proudly announce that @jsu_urec has received the 2023 NIRSA Creative Excellence Award. The NIRSA Creative Excellence Award recognizes NIRSA members’ great endeavors and accomplishments in marketing and is conferred in nine categories. In addition, our team at JSU won the Student Digital Presentation Award for a Web Series created to promote Adventure Rec Trips named Dalton’s Trippin. They sent Dalton Hamby out on trips strapped with go pros and a video cam so potential trip-goers could get a first-person view of what it is like “trippin'” with us! JSU will accept this well-deserved award this month at NIRSA’s National Conference in Pittsburgh.

Awards and Recognitions:

Internal Award

CENTERS, powered by our commitment to “better is better,” is deliberately and quickly progressing on its Quest for X .  We remain inspired so we can inspire others. 

To recognize our employees who stretch beyond their assigned responsibilities, CENTERS acknowledges and rewards employees for extraordinary contributions and accomplishments that advance the company towards X. Appropriately, we call this recognition program the Quest for X Award.  The recognition program aims to celebrate employees who make us a more effective and efficient company. We celebrate extraordinary contributors to engrain ambition, responsibility, and humility into our collective DNA, raise concepts like “X” and “better is better” above rhetoric, and actively embed them in our culture.  It is an award for results that have a lasting and dynamic impact on our people, company, and clients and sets a new baseline for how we define excellence. It is an award for people that take risks and become role models due to their performance and commitment to advancing the state of the industry and setting standards that embody who we are, what we do, and why. 

Select External Awards

  • NIRSA’s largest employer
  • NIRSA Horace Moody Award recipients
  • NIRSA Honor Award recipients
  • NIRSA Annual Service Award recipients
  • NIRSA Herman Williams Founders Outstanding Service Award recipients
  • NIRSA Regional Merit Award recipients
  • NIRSA Creative Excellence Award recipients
  • NIRSA Outstanding Facility Awards
  • Athletic Business Architectural Showcase featured facilities
  • High School Sport Officials
  • Certified Pool Operator Instructors
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor Trainers
  • American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors
  • Climbing Wall Association, Inc. Climbing Wall Instructor
  • Sigma Global Institute Certified Scrum Masters
  • Numerous client award recipients
  • Numerous service and leadership positions in community and professional associations