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At CENTERS, we attract people who have a strong passion for transforming communities and like to be challenged. We celebrate differences among us that enrich our culture. At CENTERS, we help our employees live well while living out their life’s passion.

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Our firm unites site staff with executive-level leadership and centralized administrative support, with each individual contributing to the firm’s goals and client’s needs.

At CENTERS, each of us brings and develops expertise that we share with the rest of the team, regardless of our tenure. This collaborative approach brings out our best efforts and serves our clients most effectively.

Our Core Values

  1. Building Trust and Fostering Relationships
  2. Continuous Learning and Development
  3. Accepting the Risk of Risk Taking
  4. Act Creatively Within a Supportive Framework
  5. Trail Blazing
  6. Sharing Responsibilities Regardless of Job Description
  7. Uncompromised Quality Is More Important Than Growth
  8. The Brand of Our Client Is More Important Than Our Brand


We are invested in providing an inclusive environment where everyone has a voice.

At CENTERS, we believe diversity, equity and inclusion makes us a better organization and, ultimately, better able to fulfill our organizational purpose. We admire the differences in each individual as everyone’s experience will allow us to grow, collaborate, innovate and learn better together. Inclusion is an essential part of our purpose.

In addition to making concerted efforts to hire and retain a diverse group of employees, we have an active Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee that is dedicated to ensuring we all feel connected and included at CENTERS. As a company, we are examining our biases together, which makes us all better and allows us to make smarter decisions for our sites and company. Working for CENTERS means making inclusion a top priority in your day-to-day words and actions.

Read B&D’s Inclusion Statement

Our Commitment & Benefits

We invest in our people — their well-being, their security, and their future.

Our benefits include:

  • 100% company-paid medical (with vision, prescription, and mental health) and dental insurance premiums for employees
  • Automatic company-paid contributions and vested status to 401(k) retirement accounts
  • Company-paid disability and life insurance
  • A minimum of 3 weeks vacation, 1 week sick/personal, and 13 paid holidays
  • Parental leave
  • Flexible spending accounts for medical and dependent care expenses
  • Voluntary vision, pet(s), and additional life insurance for self and/or dependents
  • Employee assistance programs including legal resources
  • Commuter and parking benefits – varies by site
  • Company-paid professional memberships/certifications
  • Additional compensation opportunities: employee referral bonus, consulting opportunities for subject matter experts

Career Pathways

CENTERS is committed to being the place where high-performing professionals work to achieve their full potential. As a professional services company, our people are our most valuable assets. As we grew, our need for CENTERS caliber professionals could not be met solely through recruiting and we began to focus on professional development as the key to supporting our expanding high-performance culture. Our response has been to create the Career Pathways Program that allows each member of CENTERS to chart and manage their own career progression.

Identified pathways include:

  • Site Leadership – For those who are passionate about higher education/non-profits for traditional reasons and enjoy working on-site.
  • Business Development – For those who are interested in actively participating in the growth of the company and, as such, have an opportunity to direct their career trajectory. Participation in business development can happen in combination with regular full-time work for extended or limited durations.
  • Corporate Administration – For those who are building their career within an administrative area such as marketing, HR, accounting/finance, and would like to contribute to the firms success and support of all clients.
  • Consulting – For those who are passionate about a particular sector of facilities, programs, or events. In addition to working within their area of expertise on a site, we would expect people on this pathway to serve as Subject Matter Experts (SME) both internally and externally, providing avenues for industry recognition and added compensation.
  • Innovation & Standards – Career Pathways and employee engagement is complemented by operationalizing our entrepreneurial discipline and innovation throughout the employment experience. CENTERS employees participate in our Program of Innovation and Program of Systems and Standards to grow as a professional and drive our company forward.

Employee Attributes

CENTERS employees embody these attributes:

  • Passionate about transformative programs and individual development
  • Of high personal integrity
  • Committed to advancing the state of the industry and setting standards
  • Willing to take intellectual, emotional, and financial risks
  • Sensitive to people’s needs, preferences, emotions, and attitudes
  • Predisposed to initiate deliberate, disciplined action
  • Enthusiastic to achieve
  • Entrepreneurial on behalf of CENTERS and its clients
  • Ambitious for CENTERS