Our Mission & History

Our mission is to lead the nation in campus center management by optimizing resources and the strategic value of our clients’ facilities and programs.

We achieve this mission through our commitment to:

  • Managing facilities efficiently to lower costs and maximize program and facility resources.
  • Integrating operational best practices seamlessly to allow for effective collaboration and shared resources.
  • Creating a culture of high expectations by operating with an entrepreneurial spirit that motivates high performance and produces quality programs and services.
  • Developing and assessing student learning outcomes.
  • Producing enhanced financial reporting and accountancy.

Our Core Values include:

  • From start-up management to transitional management, our comprehensive services are designed to be customized to our clients’ specific needs.
  • The CENTERS way is to strive for excellence, innovation, and value creation to benefit our clients and the student / patron experience. We offer not only quality service and outstanding financial performance, but also the ability to maximize the mission-related values of the facilities and programs.
  • We seamlessly integrate into our client’s environment to support: enhanced quality of life; educational outcomes; community building; market responsiveness; mission sensitivity; cost effectiveness; and a commitment to excellence.