CENTERS's Brings AI best practices to Campus Recreation

Matt Schmiedl, CENTERS Enterprise Marketing Manager was featured as a guest columnist in Campus Rec – This Week.  Read on to learn how the AI revolution is impacting Campus Rec.

Campus Rec Magazine Photo illustrating AI in Rec

Campus Rec logoArtificial intelligence (AI) is on track to become the fourth great technological revolution of modern times. Chances are you’ve heard of it, and you’ve probably experienced it more than you realize. It’s been bubbling under the surface of our highly connected, technologically assisted lives for many years in algorithms, Amazon, Apple’s Siri, Google search suggestions and more. Only recently has it made a dramatic leap forward in mainstream prominence thanks in no small part to OpenAI and the success and popularity of its ChatGPT chatbot. 

AI technologies likes ChatGPT are quickly reshaping entire industries and professional landscapes, impacting the economy and affecting changes to society en masse. Adoption of these technologies is still early on as marketers, administrators and businesses seek to make sense of the rapidly-growing number of platforms and capabilities becoming available. This means if you’ve yet to start actively using it in your work, you’re not alone nor are you too far behind. The new age of AI is upon us, so let’s jump in. 

About the Author:

Matt Schmiedl has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and graphic design working in a variety of industries and sectors, most notably higher education and publishing. He has been working with CENTERS, LLC for more than a decade at Cleveland State University (CSU), leading marketing and business development on behalf of the University Recreation and Wellbeing department. He has developed and launched a number of initiatives to catalyze business growth and implemented new marketing strategies to build engagement with both the CSU and Cleveland communities. Most recently, Mr. Schmiedl was tapped to lead Enterprise marketing efforts for CENTERS as he brings his marketing expertise to new and existing CENTERS’ clients. Matt is a nine-time NIRSA Creative Excellence Award recipient, the recipient of the CENTERS Quest for X Award in 2017, and the winner of an APEX Award of Excellence and Magnum Opus Honorable Mention Award, both in 2011.