Our firm unites site staff with centralized administrative support, with each individual contributing to the firm’s goals and clients’ needs.

At CENTERS, each of us brings and develops expertise we share with the rest of the team, regardless of our tenure. This collaborative approach brings out our best efforts and serves our clients most effectively.

These core values are the standards by which we have been guided since our founding. We do not wrestle with who we are; we always have understood the principles for which we stand and the example by which we lead. As a result, we hire, promote, and retain individuals whose personal and professional values align precisely with CENTERS’.

Building Trust and Fostering Relationships

We must work diligently to develop and maintain trust with our clients, university partners, and each other. Rigorously maintaining our integrity is essential to nurturing high functioning relationships, but we must also be committed to supporting the objectives of those with whom we associate. Building genuine relationships is how our brand is authenticated and how our excellent reputation thrives.

Continuous Learning and Development

If what we did were easy, our clients wouldn’t need us. We believe in continually stretching ourselves with a “no pain, no gain” mentality. We know that the discomfort that accompanies difficult work is a sign that we are breaking through constraints, whether self- or externally-imposed. The end result is a growth in skills, capacity, knowledge, and confidence. Just as we expect and plan development and growth for students, we expect and plan development for our staff. Our Program of Innovation, to which all staff contribute, is one way that we as a firm demonstrate our commitment to continuous learning and development.

Accepting the Risk of Risk Taking

All great achievements require some level of risk. Being the best requires us to dare to do what nobody has done before. The great idea never tested is of no benefit to our firm. We encourage our employees to take emotional and intellectual risks, not for personal gain, but for the benefit of our clients and to promote the constant flow of innovative methodologies and value-packed big ideas. Our employees take the risk of challenging convention, inspiring action, and boldly expressing ideals. Not every risk is rewarded, as the chance of a negative outcome is real. The fulfillment of CENTERS’ purpose requires that we accept the risk of risk taking, but in thoughtful and deliberate ways.

Act Creatively Within a Supportive Framework

Sites are allowed to act creatively within a supportive corporate framework and the flexibility to best serve their individual communities. CENTERS does not impose a cookie cutter “one size fits all” program, but rather encourages each site to take an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to its facility to maximize its potential. At the same time, housing HR and accounting functions centrally frees site staff to focus solely on running their facilities successfully.

Trail Blazing

We are not content to follow trends in the industry, but instead emphasize the importance of leading the way through innovation and collaboration. We have formalized this process in our Program of Innovation, a collaborative effort of all staff. Within this program, staff members join expertise groups which allow them to cross-pollinate ideas across sites and benefit from each other’s learning.

Sharing Responsibilities Regardless of Job Description

CENTERS functions as a true team where each member maintains a disciplined approach to fulfilling individual responsibilities, but where we also continuously support and depend on one another. Accordingly, if someone needs assistance, or there is an opportunity to add value, we are not constrained by the notion that it is not our responsibility to take action. We believe that high impact contributions can come from anyone and acknowledge that we should always be teaching and learning. Our commitment to excellence compels us to help others and be open to others helping us in the pursuit of our purpose. “It’s not my job” is always the wrong answer.

Uncompromised Quality Is More Important Than Growth

At CENTERS, we have not aggressively pursued growth as our primary goal. Instead, our primary goal is to make each of our recreation centers a leader in the industry. This absolute commitment to quality over quantity is what makes CENTERS unique and centered on our clients.

The Brand of Our Client Is More Important Than Our Brand

Our role is to partner with our clients to provide top-of-the-line management services and expertise. As such, we do not display our logo on site, but maintain the brand of the client at all times.

We articulate clearly what makes a great CENTERS employee and hire only those individuals who embody these attributes.

  • Passionate about students, their development, and learning outcomes
  • Of high personal integrity
  • Committed to advancing the state of the industry and setting standards
  • Willing to take intellectual, emotional, and financial risks
  • Sensitive to people’s needs, preferences, emotions, and attitudes
  • Predisposed to initiate deliberate, disciplined action
  • Enthusiastic to achieve
  • Entrepreneurial on behalf of CENTERS and its clients
  • Ambitious for CENTERS

“I love team rec! It has become my family here at school and I am very glad to be a part of the rec center staff.”

-University of New Haven
student employee