Very Special Episode of the Industry Podcast Features CENTERS First Employee Moe McGonagle

CENTERS’ first employee and Director of Campus Recreation at DePaul University, Moe McGonagle was recently featured on the industry podcast, Director Download, powered by Campus Rec Magazine.  In this episode, the host guides a discussion that goes behind the curtain of the director role to have honest discussions with leaders in the campus recreation industry.    

In this episode, host Grady Sheffield, the director of Campus Recreation at Towson University and the senior advisor to Campus Rec Magazine, gives you the listener real and authentic conversation between himself and special guest  Maureen McGonagle, the director of Campus Recreation, CENTERS LLC at DePaul University. 

McGonagle is a campus rec legend and walks listeners back to how she first entered the field. She discusses what CENTERS is and how it’s impacted the industry. 

Plus, McGonagle shares with Sheffield on what makes DePaul different and why she’s been so involved in NIRSA, although she initially couldn’t get elected to save her life. 

Finally, with her impending retirement in July 2024, McGonagle reflects on the evolution of challenges as a director and how she wants to be remembered.