CSU F45 groupF45 Training is a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts with the F standing for “functional training” and 45 the total minutes of exercise. Known as a global fitness training community specializing in fast, fun and rapid results, F45 Training is no stranger to the campus rec community. 

Michelle Rieger, the associate director of Programming and Operations at Cleveland State University (CSU) Campus Recreation Services, said F45 collegiate representatives reached out to the CENTERS corporate team in 2016 to introduce the program concept. After learning more about the potential, a few CENTERS sites — including CSU — thought the program would be successful.

“At that time, boutique fitness studios were popping up in the downtown Cleveland area and we knew we needed to do something to compete,” said Rieger. “The F45 program had not grown to the northeast Ohio area, and we decided bringing the program to our campus was a risk worth taking.” 

Install and training at CSU started at the end of 2017. It officially launched in January 2018 and has continued to be the most popular class offering since.