CENTERS at University of Alabama at Birmingham

In 2005, the $24 million recreation center opened and the University of Alabama at Birmingham is quoted as having said it is the “crown jewel of student services on campus.” By 2011, however, UAB identified the need to seek external management expertise to improve operational efficiencies and cost savings at the recreation center while still implementing innovative student-led programs and services. After a review process, CENTERS was selected to comprehensively manage under the premise of the reorganized department of campus recreation within the division of student services. To ensure a seamless transition, CENTERS developed a detailed transition plan from initial assessments through full-service management.

A start-up team of executives, management, accounting, and human resources was deployed immediately upon notification. This team conducted several meetings with key stakeholders and administrative groups on campus, interviewed existing staff and potential new hires, developed operating procedures and financial reporting tools, created a marketing plan, and enhanced measurable student learning outcomes. At the same time, the existing CENTERS’ staff trained all new and existing personnel. CENTERS continually examines its services to ensure a level of excellence. Their programs are routinely updated to reflect that of industry leading practices. As part of standard practice, CENTERS provides monthly reports and has scheduled meetings with UAB to report on performance outcomes and stay aligned with the vision for the recreation center and the university.

Success Stories

  • CENTERS implemented a specific roadmap of goals—financial, programmatic, and facilities-related—that reflect institutional priorities and best practices.
  • CENTERS markets alumni memberships for all of our college clients. We work closely with the each alumni association to leverage the college experience and participation in campus fitness and health education to attract these members. A significant component of our marketing strategy is to retain graduating students as recent alumni members.
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