CENTERS at Marshall University – Recreation Center

The Marshall Recreation Center opened in February of 2009 to rave reviews from both students and faculty. Located at the corner of campus in Huntington, WV, there is something for everyone at the Marshall Recreation Center whether it be group fitness classes, swim lessons, personal training, intramurals, youth camps, safety certifications, or any of the many more programs that are offered. Marshall Campus Recreation is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle to the Marshall and Huntington communities.

As the largest student employer on campus, Campus Recreation employs fitness instructors, personal trainers, facility supervisors, recreation attendants, lifeguards, welcome desk attendants, intramural sports officials, and adventure recreation attendants. The staff makes every effort to help employees grow in their jobs and achieve success by gaining employment after graduation.

As the manager, CENTERS fully maintains and operates the facility as a separate enterprise from the university. All procurement and expenses are managed through CENTERS corporate staff and all building maintenance, repairs, and custodial services are directed by the staff on site. CENTERS also delivers comprehensive programs and services.

Success Stories

  • CENTERS worked closely with Marshall stakeholders to coordinate a non-recourse financing structure for 100% of the Recreation Center’s project costs, utilizing a not-for-profit owner under a long-term ground lease with the University. The result was a financially self-sufficient project, preserving the University’s debt capacity and minimizing credit rating impact to same.
  • CENTERS successfully transitioned an existing staff and quickly contributed to transforming a campus culture in a city historically dubbed one of the “unhealthiest cities in America” to a more active, health-focused community.

CENTERS at Marshall University – Fitch Natatorium

In addition to the Recreation Center, CENTERS currently manages a second asset on the campus of Marshall University – the Fitch Natatorium. Fitch Natatorium is the home to Marshall Swimming and Diving and is located about .25 miles from the Marshall Recreation Center. CENTERS maintains and operates the pool, including special events such as rentals and swim meets on behalf of Marshall athletics. In addition, CENTERS is responsible for all programming in the space, which includes scuba, swim lessons, and adult swim leagues.

Success Stories

  • Multi-asset management on campus has led to many synergies and economies of scale. The existing CENTERS team has absorbed oversight of the Natatorium using a shared staffing model. There are 35 lifeguards and 5 aquatic supervisors that work at both the Fitch Natatorium and the Rec Center. All part-time staff report to an Assistant Director of Aquatics, who manages the day-to-day of both pools. CENTERS has also been able to increase risk management oversight in the Fitch Natatorium due to staff presence during all meets and practices.
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